Deal With It Collection

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Deal With It: A conflict resolution series for youth

The Deal With It collection features:

✓ 28 books that address everyday conflicts that youth face such as bullying, teasing and homophobia
✓ Examines the topic from multiple perspectives: perpetrator, target, and bystander
✓ Appropriate for ages 9-14
✓ Engaging and colourful graphic novel illustrations
✓ Characters representative of Canada’s racial, gender, and socioeconomic diversity
✓ A practical conflict resolution resource for students, teachers and administrators
✓ Free teacher resource guide available for download here

Among the Authors

 j wallace skelton is an educator, activist and writer. For more than a decade j has worked in schools to make them safer and more celebratory places for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. j lives in Toronto with their partner and two children.

Keisha Evans has been supporting and advocating for children, youth and their families for more than twenty years. She is a child youth counsellor and works to teach children about body safety and respecting boundaries. Keisha lives in Oshawa, Ontario.

 TIERRA HOHN teaches yoga, works for youth mental health organization and is on the Advisory Board at Body Brave, which provides treatment for individuals struggling with eating disorders. While in high school, Tierra founded Untouched Beauty, an organization that allowed her to organize and facilitate workshops around body image and mental health. She has a Master of Public Health doing work in public policy, advocacy and health care. Tierra lives and works in Toronto.

Catherine Rondina is a columnist and reporter for publications such as City Parent, Good Times, Post City Magazines and Canadian Living. Her writing for children has appeared in educational anthologies, literacy workbooks for students, and she is the co-author of a guide to professional baseball for women. She lives in Richmond Hill, north of Toronto, with her husband and three children.